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Ann's Unique Cakes Birthday Cake

Ann Leslie is a mother of 3 and also has 11 grandchildren. With so many years of experience she has mastered the delicate traditional icing techniques as well as the ever-changing new styles of today. Her special ingredient is the love and caring she puts into each and every cake. Ann is the founder/owner and has had a deep passion for cake decorating since she was a little girl. She loves cooking and making people happy. Ann learnt the basics from her mother and then progressed to becoming a Home Economics Teacher, including training in Cake Decorating techniques. The challenge of ever changing trends is very inspirational and encourages her to seek continual improvement and innovation. Ann’s Unique Cakes, a home based business, was created with the vision of providing people with an affordable option. It is our mission to encourage people to have the cake of their dreams. With reasonable pricing and great quality we aim to encourage people to have that really special cake for one of the most memorable days of their life. All our cakes are hand made from scratch – no pre-mixes used at all. Every recipe has been tried and tested. Our traditional fruitcake recipe hasn’t changed for over 40 years and still gains praise when tasted.

Ann will consider any special flavor cake requested but the main flavours offered are as follows:

  • Traditional Fruitcake (rich, moist and full of fruit)

  • Citrus Fruitcake (a lighter, refreshing flavor, moist and full of fruit)

  • Chocolate Mudcake

  • White Mudcake

  • Caramel Mudcake

  • Marble Mudcake

  • Red Velvet Mudcake

  • Carrot Cake

  • Apple and Walnut Cake

  • Vanilla Buttercake

All the flowers and decorations on the cakes are handmade. Prices are all inclusive except for special ornaments like special Bride & Grooms etc.

Prices start from approx $290 for a normal 2 tier cake or $390 for a normal 3 tier cake, special shaped, (e.g. Mad Hatter), or themed cakes are to be quoted on.

Delivery is available. Price is dependent upon the destination.

Ann's Unique Cakes Birthday Cake
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